For Him Cupcakes

Okay, on second thoughts, MANLY and CUPCAKES, just don't sound that right together. Hur hur. But anything's almost possible in cake world. Anyhoos.... Today i delivered a bunch of cupcakes for an old school mate (the recipient of the boob and willy cake ) for her husband's bird day. We decided to have 6 of his favorite things as toppers and although i was this close to becoming crossed eyed permanently, i had fun doing the itty bitty toppers : )

So, make a quick guess of the items. Answers provided at the bottom of this post!

I had the hardest time making the last topper, simply because i have never seen that in my entire life before. SO i do hope that it does have at least some semblance to the real deal. Cupcakes were all choc fudge with choc ganache.

A) Xbox controller
B)iPad (the apps made my eyes crossed)
C) Mont Blanc wallet (the Mont Blanc logo made my eyes EVEN more crossed)
D)Mont Blanc belt
E) Golf on a pin
F) French horn (bet you didn't get it right.)


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