Fresh Flowers on cakes

After being asked countless times if we make cakes decorated with fresh flowers. Our reply is a categorical NO.

There are several reasons why we do not use fresh flowers.
- Decorating a cake with fresh flowers is different than garnishing a cake with flowers. A cake decorated with flowers means that the flowers have to be particular species / colours etc. The blooms have to be big enough so to stand out. As far as we know, there are no available PESTICIDE FREE / FERTILISER FREE / CHEMICAL FREE flowers suitable for human consumption that may be used to decorate a whole cake.
- Even if we are asked to wrap the stems before inserting the fresh flowers into the cake, we will decline because the flowers will still be in contact with the cake, or the petals may fall onto the cake etc. The risk of contamination is just too high.

- Fresh flowers with their stems may last several days in a vase of water. But when stuck into a cake, flowers are probably cut off from their stems. The flowers will have to be prepared, before placed on the cake, the cake then has to be transported to the venue and then displayed for a period of time before cake cutting. That should take perhaps 4 hours before the cake is cut - assuming the cake decorator works really fast and the party is very short. Much longer if it is a wedding reception. Most species of flowers would have wilted in those 4 hours.

3.  COST
- There are available edible flowers, sold at gourmet shops, that are PESTICIDE FREE / FERTILISER FREE / CHEMICAL FREE, meant for garnishing food dishes. The available species of flowers are very limited and they are generally very small blooms. They are also very expensive, much more expensive than handmoulded flowers.

And we are not the only ones that think so

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