We, are located and operate in Singapore. 

How can I order a cake? 
You may WhatsApp me at 91258470 
Drop an e-mail to with your enquiry. 

Please indicate:
1. The date of your event (So that we do not start a discussion for a date we cannot commit)
2. How many people will be attending (so that we can suggest a cake size for you), and 
3. The specific design or idea you have in mind. (You may post an attachment off the web, sketch something or repost our webpage/facebook/IG photo for us as reference)

We will reply you with whether we are available for that date, and if so, we will let you know a suitable size for your cake to go with your design and a quote. The below items will be included in the price quoted:
1. Candles (you may let us know if you like numbered candles, that is free) 
2. A plastic cake knife, 
3. Lighter, 
4. A fondant covered cake board (we only make fully decorated cakes) 
5. Your message of your choice on the cake board, and 
6. Delivery (within a 1 hour specified time span). 

If you feel that the design and quote suits, we will let you fill out an order outline like the one below and you may then place your deposit for us to confirm on your order.

Date required:
Time required (1 hour range, exceptions
Name of orderer:
Telephone no: ?
Number of portions:
Description of cake:
No of Candles (plastic knife and lighter included FOC):  ?
Message (on cakeboard): ?
Cake Flavor: You may pick ONE for every tier,
Cake Filling: You may pick ONE for every tier,
Address to deliver to :
Price :
Bank Details (50% deposit credit to my account is required before we will confirm taking on your order – Deposit will not be refunded if you cancel less than 7 days before your order, please also indicate on your bank transfer your name and email me that you have done the transfer so that we can verify):

We understand how some prefer to WhatsApp us or speak over the phone. Email is our preferred medium for the following reasons:
1) Our hands are usually dirty, sculpting cakes or shaping fondant.
2) Instructions and details can be missed, forgotten or misunderstood especially over a phone call.
3) Email allows us time to research and think over your request so that we can give you a thought-out response
4) We ALWAYS answer our emails, even if it is to say that we cannot take on your order, but we may miss our call (too long to wash our hands and then dry them and then find the phone) or WhatsApp (pushed behind by our personal messages!) 


WE DO NOT ANSWER MASS EMAILS WHERE SEVERAL BAKERS ARE IN THE DISTRIBUTION LIST OR MAIL IS SENT TO UNDISCLOSED PARTIES. Reason being, we are in the customized cake business and people who send such queries not only do not have any respect for customized cake makers who take a lot of pride and effort in their work, but also for clients who pay premium to get such customized works. We are fine with your checking with several bakers at the same time, but at least give the idea that you are checking with us one at a time.

How much time do we normally take to make a sculpted cake? 
We take about three days for a difficult sculpted cake, e.g. we start on Monday for a cake to be delivered on Wednesday.

However, we will advice against emailing us three days before the day you need a cake from us for the simple reason that we can only do so many cakes a day. So if that day's quota is filled, we will have to reject additional orders.

Please note that we have on-going discussions and negotiations ALL the time. We CANNOT track unconfirmed orders.

For example we may have 5 on going discussion for a particular date. 3 people confirm their orders filling up our capacity for that day. We do not go back to the other 2 to tell them the slots are filled up simply because we cannot track unconfirmed orders.

What we do are customized cakes. So we only bake for a particular order. It will be similar to going to a restaurant and seeing an interesting menu. The only way to try is to order. It is a leap of faith. Note that different people have different preferences. Even if you like/dislike the taste of a cake, your guests may have a different opinion. In short, we do not offer cake tasting just like restaurants do not offer sampling of items in their menu.

Notice on Orders

Expression of interest/Negotiation/Discussion of design/date/price at no point indicates confirmation that your order is being taken. Confirmation of order occurs only when you receive an email from us with the express words “YOUR ORDER IS CONFIRMED” after our receipt of your 50% cash non refundable deposit.   Deposit will be waived upon special request for repeat clients.

To ensure quality, we will only undertake a limited number of projects a day.  Please appreciate that we may turn down your orders if our “quota” is exceeded and that we reserve the right to turn down orders (even if we are in the midst of negotiation/discussion) unless your order has been confirmed as indicated above.

Thank you for your understanding.