21st Birthday Fabric Inspired Princess Tiara 2 tier Cake

Birthday girl A got us to do this Princess Tiara cake to mark her 21st birthday. She gave us a bold color theme of black champagne and gold, and left the designing to us! We were allowed to go all out fabric inspired and we totally LOVED how it turned out. The photos really don't do the cake justice, which is such a shame, because the cake looked totally unreal and really elegant in the flesh. some how black cakes are really tough to photograph. : /

Its tough to tell, but the bottom tier was extra tall, close to 7inches as compared to our usual 4 inch tall cakes. we gave it a pleated treatment, to resemble pleats on a gown or collared  shirt. SOOOO pretty. 

We threw in lots of ruffled flowers and gold pearls and brushed her name in gold. So classy. 

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