Brown Grand Piano Cake

One of our regular clients and an old school mate got us to make this grand piano cake for her dad. Piano was replicated according to an actual one which they have at home.

Hope birthday dad liked his cake! : )


  1. Love, love ALL of your work.
    Could you tell me how this gorgeous piano stands ? ain't it quite heavy as a cake for these 3 posts?
    Thanks , Yasmine

    1. Hi Yasmine,
      Thank you for liking our works. The piano is standing on plastic supports. I made a thick cakeboard for the base of the piano and then a thinner one for the cake to rest on. The thick cake board has holes through them for the legs to go into, and they do not pierce into the cake because of the thin cake board.

      Obviously the legs cannot be too tall or the piano will topple easily.


  2. A million thanks for your reply. xx

  3. Googled your page as I am in the middle of making a grand piano cake and looking for ideas for the inside. You are truely talented. Lynda Milbourne