Totoro Cake

Sweet Mom K got us to make this Totoro themed cake for her little girl's first birthday party. She liked our previous design, but requested that we modified it a little to make it into a 2 tiered cake.

We're really stoked at how whimsically pretty this one turned out! : )


  1. Can i order one ?
    On 8 feb. But the totoro can dont put mouth/smile ?
    Msg me 96515589

    1. Thank you very much for your query.

      Please email us at with the date of your party (so that we do not start a discussion for a date we cannot commit), how many you require to serve (so that we can suggest a cake size to suit your party) and the design/theme that you like so that we can give you a design with a quote. We only handle order queries through email. Thank you very much for your understanding.

      nick - on behalf of veron

      _ _ _