Gift Stack Cake

This was done for E, who was looking for a really special 21st birthday cake for her party. We had been itching to try out this style of cake for a reallllllllllly long time, and we finally managed to find someone who was willing to take a gamble on us! 

There are various styles of topsy turvy cakes, and this style is by far one of the more challenging ones. It required a central support running from top down, and it was no easy feat building a stable structure, whilst making it look as pretty as possible! 

The husband spent weeks on end researching and thinking of how to put this entire ensemble together, whilst making sure it was stable as a rooted tree. And when the day came to put the whole cake together, we were all working in sync and with bated breath hoping that the cake wouldn't collapse! 

But but but!!!! We are very pleased to report that the cake got to the party venue in one piece and survived the entire party without collapsing! : ) So proud of us! 

Another cake in my bucket list done! Whooppeee!! : D

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