Excavator Cake

Sweet mommy J sent us a mail and got us to make this excavator cake for her little boy's party. She sent us pictures of his all time favorite toy and requested that we replicated it into cake! : )

The cake engineer husband had to build a frame just for this cake, and I am absolutely proud of his handiwork. Apparently, the party guests were totally blown away by our cake, and many could hardly believe that it was cake, until the cake was cut! 


  1. Another fantastic job, you guys rule!!!! the arm of the Excavator was made with rice??? or chocolate??? it´s awesome!!!

    1. Thank you for your comments. As the arms were quite thin and need to be sturdy, we had to use thick cardboard enclosed by fondant

  2. Best excavator cake on the web~ awesome detailes, what is the antenna

  3. This really is awesome. I was thinking of making a construction cake for my son's 3rd birthday and my siblings are disapproving of just buying construction toys and put it on top of the cake. they told me to make an excavation cake instead. what are the things needed especially for the hands and other details? I hope I could make this one for him. I need a very long time to prepare this one.