Sculpted Lamborghini Aventador Cake

Sweet S is a repeat orderer, who got us to make a birthday cake for her son again this year. Last year we did a Karmen Rider themed cake for him, and this year he requested for a Lamborghini Aventador car, in cake!

Ps: Pardon the low quality shots, they were taken at night with poor lighting! : (

So, this was our second go at this highly "indented" car. I mentioned before that the more indentations a car has, the more difficult to sculpt. Not forgetting that Lamborghinis are famous for being outlandishly, outrageous body shapes! 

This time around, we took care to make sure we managed to capture as many sure as many curves and angels as possible. 

Last we heard, birthday boy was really excited about his cake!!! And so were the other dads and uncles at the party! : P


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    Appreciate it!