Rapunzel Tower Cake

Mommy A dropped us a mail a while back and told us that her little girl was totally smitten by the movie "Tangled". She got us to make a Rapunzel tower with Rapunzel by the window waiting for her prince charming! : )

This cake stood at a height of about 22inches and was all cake from top to bottom. no rice krispies used. A lot of thought and construction went into executing this cake. having a really tall tiered cake is one thing, since we can always deliver the cake "deconstructed" and stack when we get to the venue. not forgetting that they are always wider in diameter. but this tower had to be constructed fully at our kitchen because of Rapunzel's hair, and moving it around was a challenge because anything tall and skinny is just not stable. 

But….. we are proud to say that the cake made it to the party venue in one tall piece! Phewww…! all thanks to cake engineer/delivery guy husband! XX!

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