Sculpted Guitar Cake

So, we had the honor of making Inch Chua her 23rd birthday cake yesterday. Her sweet mom dropped us a mail last week and told us her surprise celebration plan for Inch's birthday! 

Ps: beer can was not part of ensemble, its just a guide to show you guys how big the cake was!

So the plan was to surprise Inch by presenting her the guitar cake at the end of her concert yesterday. Apparently, she was totally taken by surprise, and had no idea this was coming. Wonderful planning from her mom. : )!!!

 We had the hardest time thinking up the guitar neck, cos we had a to pre build a support system that can hold up itself without any risk of sagging. So, the engineer husband of mine designed a structure out of thick cake boards and PVC pipes to achieve the guitar neck, and can i say that its absolutely brilliant! 

 Inch's mom also got us to make a little figurine of  cookie monster, because Inch is apparently very fond of him. and also because Inch loves baking cookies for friends and family, so i was asked to make a buncha cookies as well! 

This was the cover of inch's upcoming album, Color Wheel, which her mom got us to print on edible icing sheets, and Inch's name was hand cut exactly like how it would appear on her new album too! 

Cake was red velvet with vanilla chic chip filling.

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