Lady Gaga Inspired 2 tier Cake

Sweet/hawt mommy S came back to us  to make her little girl's birthday cake again this year. Last year we did a sweet fairy themed cake, and this year, the birthday girl has "graduated" to a Lady Gaga-esque cake for her party ! Talk about growing up fast! ; P

So, we did have a bit of trouble coming up with a design for this cake, cos there are so many different outrageous faces/outfits of lady gaga that it was hard to find a common ground for all of them. i didn't want it to look too gory (think lady gaga and her meat dress) or vulgar (rem the poker face music video where she was prancing around in a too tight leotard?) so i stuck to using loud colors glitter and her famous sunnies with hearts drawn on the lens, all whilst keeping in mind that this was for a 6 year old girl after all.

Cake was lemon with lemon for both tiers. 

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