Christmas Goodies

This was done for my bestie and her her fiancé as Christmas gifts for their clients! 

The ever popular cranberry shortbreads made a comeback in this year's christmas cookie list! So, crumbly, so buttery, and it absolutely melts in your mouth…. olalala!

Chocolate viennese swirls, with Valhorna Coco powder, that are crisp and at the same time, melts in your mouth.

Candy Striped Lemon Tuiles. Crispy, with such lovely stripes. my kid's fav cookies of the lot.

Almond Cresents. Buttery with the crisp texture of ground almonds. reminiscent of asian sugee biscuits.

Boxes for this year.

We also made macarons for them, with an array of flavors. My fav has gotta be the hazelnut one. We'll be putting up a page for macarons soon! so watch out for it!

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