4 tier Roses Wedding Cake

Well, we finally got a chance to do do a wedding cake, and boy was it a giant milestone. The lovely couple, J&K, were holding their wedding celebrations at Hort Park, a unique and beautiful location.

This cake marks a couple of first for us; first 4 tiered cake, first cake with so many handmade roses, first cake that weighed 30kilos, or more!

The couple gave us some guidelines to work around with, and one to be noted was to have the ensemble look more like a tower, as opposed to "terraces", meaning that the difference in diameters of each tier had to be as small as possible. They also picked out the sweet color of the roses to be white with a hint of pink in the centers, and the cake base be in a cream color.

It took me a total of 2 and a half days to complete the roses, including drying time. i was working like a rose petal machine, and i must have made close to 600 petals for this grand set up. but, all well the effort, because the couple and their guests were really impressed with our cake! : )

Cakes were 8", 9", 10" and 11", and flavors were red velvet with oreos, lemon with lemon, chocolate with vanilla chip and vanilla with cranberry.


  1. We LOVE Veron's Cake!
    The roses are so real that we thought they were fresh roses.The biggest compliment that put a big smile on our faces is many our guests had made many comments on how delish the cake is. Big winner is the red choc cake with the cranberries. Well done!!
    Double thumbs up to Veron on compliling the process on how how cake was being built. A lovely and thoughtful memento for us.
    Thank you Veron!

  2. Thank you very much for your compliments.

    That was a great design idea from you and Jo. Thank you for providing me with two records. The highest cake 25inches tall.. and the most petal intensive cake (at least 500) I have made so far!

    Congratulations on being married and many happy years together ahead!