Ballerina 2 tier Cake

This mini 2 tiered cake was done for my little girl's bestie, Little Miss A. Little Miss A loves dance, especially ballet, so her mom got me to make her a cake in that theme.

We put a lot of thought into the design of this cake, and finally decided to do a mini 2 tier (4" over 5") with a ballerina's leotard and tutu as inspiration.

 After wreaking my brains trying to think of the best material to use for imitating the tulle fabric most often used for tutus, i finally settled for edible wafer paper, commonly found on nougat! It was perfect because it was light and when pleated, the unruliness of it was what i was looking for in a tutu! : )

 I added a little brown bear at the foot of the ballerina, just to add a childish touch to it, since after all, the little miss is still quite little! 

Happy birthday Little Miss A, and keep those little feet dancing okay? 

Cake was vanilla with mango filling for both tiers.