Sculpted Violin Cake

This was done for one of our best orderers, NY. NY's uber talented nephew is a violin whiz (so much so that he's going overseas to study music soon), and she got us to make a cake in the shape of that for his birthday.

This was one cake where we got lucky, because our kids are learning the violin as well, which meant that we had real life specimens to base our cake replica on! 

We started on this cake almost a week before, just to make sure that the smaller violin parts and bow could dry properly and lessen any risk of it sagging and breaking on us. 

In between , we started scaling the proportions to the size we wanted. The cake ended up being a 3/4 sized violin and it was bl**dy impressive, if i might say so! : ) 

In order to get the lovely vanished wood effect, we put our airbrush to good use and it turned out exactly like how we hoped for! 

All in all, we're mighty pleased at how this cake turned out, and hey, its no Stradivarius, but at least it can be eaten! : )

Cake was lemon with lemon filling.


  1. AMAZING! Your talent just blows my mind!

  2. Awesome...! Just curious what did you use for the violin string?

  3. Hi Veronica, are beautifull! How do you make the strings?
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