Kopi-O Black Coffee Cup Cake

Sweet L, the cousin of C (a wonderful repeat orderer!), was looking to get a special cake for her coffee drinking husband. She told us he especially loved his kopi-o, and so after a few correspondences, we settled for a cup of kopi-o in an old school kopi-o cup!

We had a hard time thinking of how to make the saucer. Because this was a pretty enlarged version of the kopi-o cup, and we didn't want to risk using fondant only to have it break on us with our wet and humid weather. 

The brilliant husband fashioned a saucer out of stacked cake boards and i filled the gaps with royal icing and covered it in fondant. Not a perfectly smooth thing, but i gotta say, this is as sturdy as any saucer can get! : D
Just to get a feel of how much bigger this ensemble was, here's a picture of the cake beside a real cup and saucer.

Cake was lemon with lemon filling.

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