Zobbles Themed Piñata Cake

M, who previously got us to make this 70'S disco cake for her boss, looked to us for a Zobbles themed cake for her little girl. For the uninitiated, Zobbles is the girl version of a Bakugan, which are little toy spheres when dropped, "explode" or rather pop open into little figurines. 

The cake was meant for 10 guests, but because i was asked to make a chocolate piñata shell and incorporate it into the cake design, i had to make a larger sheet cake in order to fit the chocolate dome (which contains a Zoobbles toy for the birthday girl along with gummies and chocolates!). 

i have to admit i was a bit worried that my chocolate shell would not turn out, but i managed to breeze though it without much trouble! and thanks to M, i now have another idea to use when building kids cakes! I'm kids will LOVE it! : D

Cake was chocolate cake with chocolate filling.

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