Corporate Logo Cake for Five Stones Hostel

Sweet A, a repeat cake orderer got us to make a cake for the opening of a hostel. Check out Five Stones Hostel for affordable and centrally located places to bunk! 

excuse the poor shots, the rain has been keeping the sun out! : (

The cake was meant to feed 70 peeps, and because A requested for the logo to be the main focus, we figured that the only way was to make a HUGE sheet cake and enlarge the logo. to round it off, we also made 5 "Stones" out of rice kris pies as toppers. 

The dimensions for this cake was about 20inch by 22 inch, which meant that i had to roll out my fondant EXTRA EXTRA wide, almost the entire width of my island counter top. Phew. it was a good workout  without having to hit the gym!

Can you spot the mohawk?

But, we are happy to report that our cake was well received! so all that hard work in rolling out the fondant paid off! : D

Cake was in 4 different flavors: vanilla with strawberry filling, lemon with lemon filling, red velvet with oreos cream cheese, chocolate with chocolate filling.

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