Blossoms and Ribbons Cupcakes

Last week we had the honor of hosting local actress Yvonne Lim at our house for a small cupcake decorating session. Having previously done this cake for her before, she looked to us again for an ensemble of cupcakes for a PR firm. 

Typical, but our entire family were very excited about having her over, even my Mother in Law and niece who loves watching her drama serials had to pop by to say hello! 

Yvonne was extremely sporting, she really dirtied her hands and made the ribbon decorations for this set up, including covering all the cupcakes! 

I really made full "use" of her, and even made her stick on her own message. opps. ; )

Well, this was probably one of the biggest highlights for us in a long while! Even my little girl was a bit star struck! I have to admit though, i'm not one of those who regularly watches telly, but i'm gonna be tuning in to Yvonne's shows in future, simply because, she's such a joy to be  around with! Hopefully we get a second chance to host her again, but this time with real baking involved! : )

Aiyo… my face is like a balloon beside her dainty face. : / 

Cupcakes were a mix of red velvet with cream cheese, chocolate with salted caramel, and vanilla with dark choc mint. 


  1. Thank you for sharing with us this star struck post! We are all star struck as well! haa!!

  2. hello anonymous! i was a bit nervous when she first came, but she was extremely friendly, and i was back to my normal self pretty soon!

  3. That's so nice to know! Because some celebrities do carry some 'air' with them ;P! love this entry!

  4. She was from my primary school thou I didn't have the chance to meet her before. -N

  5. Hi N!
    It probably is her loss at not having met you! hehe.