1st Birthday Sculpted Bag Cake

This was done for my ex school teacher who previously got us to make these cupcakes for her daughter's birthday celebration at school. This time she wanted us to sculpt a baby bag out of cake as a gift to a friend who was holding a party to mark their baby's first month into the world!

I was given just one blurry picture of the front side of the bag, and i had to imagine up the rest of it. And much to our surprise, we had coincidentally gotten the size pretty much right as well! here's a picture of the cake at the party venue, which i siphoned off my teacher's FB page. heh heh. 

And some in progress shots too!

Cake was lemon with lemon filling.

Ps: i had to stuff some marshmallows into the side "pocket" to give it some shape! i wonder which lucky person found them!

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