Manchester United Cake

S dropped us a mail a few months back and was really excited about designing a Man U themed cake for her guy. She found a couple off the net and told us to jazz 'em up a little. 

PS: long post ahead!

Remember my last cake disaster; the baby pram cake? I thought i would be safe from another nightmare for a while, and i most certainly didn't expect/wish for it to happen on a day where i'm piled with cake orders. 

This cake was finished and on its way to S and her party, but just before delivery time, the husband called me to tell me that he was on his was his way home with the cake, because there had been a near accident and he had to jam brake to prevent the almost collision. 

The top half sphere cake slid off the square bottom, and in his haste to protect the cake, the husband accidentally hacked the sugar figure of the birthday boy in two. he literally saw the head fall off its torso. : O

I, on the other hand was home prepping for my next cake, and already badly sleep deprived, and a little losing it, i was on the verge of screaming out expletives i know i shouldn't say in front of my kids, at my husband. its not his fault, i know, but at that moment, i just had to vent it on someone, or something. 

When the husband got home with the damaged cake and the decapitated sugar figurine, i just stared at the mess and teared, well a little. but we got our act together and started picking up the pieces. 

we should have taken a picture, but we were all just focused on putting things right and delivering the cake to S asap. 

the cake itself wasn't badly damaged, save for a few dents here and there. but the piped grass was totally ruined and the special message on the cake was totally messed up (something which took us AN HOUR AND A HALF to make), and of course, our beheaded figurine.

an all out team effort, we managed to clean up the mess, pipe new grass, make a new figure and cut out a shorter birthday message for S and her guy in under an hour, and we were about an hour and a half late. but the saving grace was that the birthday boy had yet to arrive. 

of course, we hadn't had time to take a picture of the repaired cake. but it looked more or less the same, save for the shorter and simpler message which read "happy 30th birthday" instead of "30 = 18 years old with 12 years experience" 

this was a totally nightmarish experience which we definitely would not want ever again. i think my blood pressure almost went through the roof in that hour or so.   

these are pictures of the cake pre accident. 

Cake was chocolate with salted caramel for both tiers.