Cupcake Faces

This was done for the princess of my ex school teacher. Feels like yesterday when i was taught by her, and now i'm making cupcakes for her daughter! this only means one thing: i'm really getting old. -_-

sorry for the poor shots, they were taken early in the morn, and there wasn't enough light. 

the best part about making all these cakes is to know that they were enjoyed and brought a happy smile to the birthday celebrant. even better when there are photos to prove just so! lots of it! here are some pics that were taken at Dana's birthday celebration at school! : )

extra special one for the birthday princess! 

this photo totally made my day.  : )

all the kids picking the cupcake which fits them best. ha.

someone's really enjoying her cupcake!
this lil girl decided she's gonna ta bao her fondant self home! friggin cute!

These were made for the birthday princess's teachers as well as her mommy (who's a teacher too!) 

Cupcakes were chocolate fudge with oreos swirl. 


  1. Cupcakes were way way way beyond my expectations Veron... Everyone enjoyed it, adults and children a like:) Thanks!

  2. Thanks you Mrs Fern for the order and your compliments!

    It was great fun making them..... especially the princess one....