Cohiba Cigar Box Cake

Lovely A dropped us a mail after attending a party where she saw our Playable Angry Birds Cake and asked  if we could make her hubz a cake in the shape of a cigar box!

She picked a brand called Cohiba, which i am assuming to be the birthday boy's favorite, pardon me, i know nuts about cigars! : O

I spent a long time thinking of how to make the numerous sticks of cigars; fondant would flatten out and go out of shape, and they would have been too heavy and not so nice to munch on. And then, my darling son skipped by munching on a giant Pocky stick! Et Viola! We've got our cigar sticks that would't go out of shape and would be yummy to eat! : )

Cake was chocolate with oreos filling.


  1. I was going to ask how did u make the sticks!! super awesome work here! ur son is quite a genius ya? heh
    super LIKE :D

  2. How did you make the lid?

  3. Need to make a wood dance floor any ideas that might help