Totoro Cake

Sweet S came across our Totoro Cakes  and got us to make one for her little brother. I'm so bummed that the photos didn't turn out cos the grey skies have been a bane to our cake photography by taking away our precious natural sunlight! : (

S's request were pretty fuss free, the 3 Totoros and dustballs are a must, as well as a small sugar figure of a ravin' rabbid on the side. 

I'm beginning to run out of ideas for totoro cake designs, plus i was beginning to max out on my energy level over the weekend so my mind was totally blank. but after a while, i realized i have yet to do one with of totoro sitting atop his big camphor tree and things fell well into place there after. : )

i gave this set up a whimsical windy look with leaves fluttering  and dustballs bouncing around. one of my favorites actually. 

Cake was chocolate with oreos filling. 

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