Ruffle Cake

Have i mentioned before that i was the designated "cake woman" in my circle of family and friends? So for my birthday in the recent years, i was "allowed" to bake my own birthday cake of any shape,size, and flavor, and of course, this year was no exception. 

I had been eyeing this cake for a while now, but had no occasion or rather, no suitable audience. Not that it was something over the top, in fact it was a rather simple cake, but sweet and elegant. Adorned with a couple of fondant butterflies and it was good to go. : )

I imagine that a 3 tiered cake full of these ruffles with a few simple peonies or anemone would totally look soooooooo pretty! 

and what better way to have my cake and eat it too with my favorite passionfruit buttercream thickly frosting and filling this cake! 

All my nieces and nephews and kids!

cake was vanilla cake with passionfruit buttercream everywhere.


  1. Happy belated birthday to you and may the good lord bless you! May he bless you in many ways and love you with his tender loving care. Loves! -N

  2. hi N!

    yes! i have been blessed with good order-ers like you! thanks for birthday wishes!