Ranma ½ Cake

Saccharine sweet Y dropped me a mail a week ago and asked if i could come up with something for a friend of hers who is a big fan of the sex-changing/aphrodite of a japanese character. i was a bit pressed for time that weekend, but i couldn't bear to turn her down, she was too pleasant to say no to. 

Y looked at some of the cakes i had done before and she liked the Pikachu and Final Fantasy ones and requested that her cake be done similarly. So, i did a 2D relief fondant cutout for Ranma and made his panda 3D out of cereal treats. 

Pssstttt...... when the husband dropped off the cake, he called me in all his excitement (when he's excited, he's gibberish) that the cake was ordered by one of our island's most famous actress! (she's acted in numerous channel 8 serials). 


So star dazed was he that when he got to the party venue, he had to ask "are you all actors and actresses?" just to confirm that he wasn't dreaming. dang. why aren't i the delivery guy instead. 

Cake was red velvet with oreos filling. 

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