Miu Miu Wallet Cake

BR dropped us a mail some time back and was looking for a cake to surprise his gf on her birthday. He picked a Miu Miu wallet for us to replicate and this was how it turned out!

The wallet itself was just a topper, fondant covered in extra thick cake board, and the cake itself was actually the "box" below it. BR also requested for a pearl necklace as an adornment to the set up.

Hope the birthday girl likes it! : D

Cake was vanilla with strawberry filling. 


  1. Hi I'm Charlene! Just got the cake and I love it so much!!!! :D the cake's really yummy and the design is awesome!!! Thank u so much once again!!! :D

  2. I was just executing your sweet boyfriend's design request. Kudos to him and great that you enjoyed the cake.