Apologies for the looooong hiatus. It was another crazy cake week for us plus another huge cupcake order. i think i averaged 4 hours of sleep this week all in the name of cakes! : )

This simple set up was for an old friend of mine, who's birthday happens to fall just 2 days earlier than mine! She's a real foodie and loves anything that's good to eat, so i decided to go with giving her 9 cupcakes of different flavors. 

flavors include:
 red velvet with oreos swirl

 red velvet with vanilla swirl

 chocolate with chocolate swirl

 chocolate with peanut butter swirl (my favorite!)

 Green tea with green tea swirl

 Lychee with lychee swirl

 chocolate with salted caramel swirl

 lemon with lemon swirl

vanilla with passionfruit swirl

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