Corporate Event Cupcakes

So the last week has been a crazy one for us, and this was the reason why. We were commissioned by an MNC (very big thank you to my ex school mate (C, you know who you are) for the referral!) to make 800 cupcakes for them. They were looking for something fun and non-corporate looking to give out to their clients. Design was based on what was given by order-er.

800 cupcakes packed into boxes of 2, delivered over 5 days equate to baking and decorating 160 cupcakes per day. it was cupcakes day in and out for us, on top of having to manage "normal" cake orders as well. it was hectic. but good hectic. : )

 This was 2/3 of the daily delivery. everyone had to be packed labelled and packed in carton boxes, much like a production line, except without machines, all handmade. 

We'll be having another 1000 cupcakes order in 2 weeks, so this 800 cupcakes is just a prelude. 

cupcakes were a mix of chocolate with salted caramel filling, red velvet with oreos filling, lemon with lemon filling and vanilla with passionfruit filling. 

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