Sculpted Dog Cake

Pardon the radio silence. Kids are on school hols now and its been a tad busy (and noisy) here at home. 

So, my last attempt with making a dog cake left me with my tail between my legs. this time i had better luck, though there is still lots of room for improvement. 

This time i was allowed to use "human cake" as opposed to canine cake, which helped improve on my sculpting, though my face replication needs more work. for those who can;t tell, i was trying to replicate one of the best looking siberian husky on the face of this earth. not kidding or exaggerating.

i think my husky ended looking more like a chihuahua cos its ears were too large. oppsie. and that is through my own fault despite warnings from the husb who pointed out to me that huskies have very small ears and eyes. : /
 Since the sculpted dog cake had chocolate ganache, i made bacon cupcakes with peanut butter cream cheese frosting cupcakes for the doggie friends on the side. 

All in all, am glad that i got a second go at this cake. at least i could make a dog cake that was upright, though i know my replicating skills leaves little to be desired. but i'm getting there i hope! : )

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