Princess Carriage Cake

I was given the honor of making a very special cake for a little girl. Her sweet mom dropped me a mail weeks ago and commissioned me to make her princess a cake shaped like a carriage that's fit for a pink-y princess! : ) please pardon the low quality shots, our DSLR is in repairs now and we should be getting it back soon! 

So i had some fancy ideas on how to make the carriage "elevated" and off the ground. and so i got the husband to make a frame for it. but it seems no matter how, the wooden dowels that holds up the cake will always show up as part of the spokes in the wheels. i had a strong issue with that cos i wanted to create a cake that was more whimsical looking, and i didn't want no wooden dowel to be showing up in any part of my carriage. So in the end, i had to lay the carriage directly on the cake board and try to mask the non elevation as much as i could. 

Cake was chocolate cake with oreos filling. 

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  1. Hi what kind of bowl did you use for this cake? This is beautiful!