Giant Cupcake Cake

S, who previously got this princess tiara cake for her daughter, got me to make her younger daughter a giant cupcake/candy themed cake. 

The giant cupcake turned out really giant, it was almost 15" in height and weighed close to 8kg. but i thought it looked awesome that way. my favorite part of this set up was actually the "sugar" sprinkles. i thought it really made the cupcake look very "cupcake-ish" : )

and all around the sides of the cupcake, i made lots of fondant candies to fulfil the birthday girl's candy-land dreams. ; P

Apparently, birthday girl is not the only sugar addict, so is this missy, who happens to be my daughter is as well. : /

 Cake was chocolate butter cake with chocolate filling. 

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  1. that looks great. What is the name of the letter stencil you used?