Customized Cupcakes

S, who previously ordered these sheep cupcakes dropped me a mail 3 days before and asked if could make some farewell cupcakes for her colleagues. It was her last day at the office and she wanted to give them a parting gift for being such swell peeps to work with. : )

 I made a small accounting themed cupcake setup for them, ranging from a calculator, to pencils and paper clips to the company logo. I had initially planned to reprint some local SGD notes, but quickly realized that reprinting our currencies in ANY FORM without permission from MAS is illegal. So a quick check to the US Feds was made, and luckily, reprinting the green back is fine, but it has to be at least 50% smaller than the original note. : )

S loved the lemon cupcakes she got the last time, so she ordered some on the side together with some vanilla and strawberry ones. these were simply decorated with fondant hearts and tiny sugar balls. 

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