Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

Brandon's mom dropped me an email a month ago and commissioned me to make her son a Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Although it was meant for an intimate party, but she wanted it to look awesomely grand, and told me to go all out with the design and decorations. i like it when i get requests like that ; ) PS: picture intensive post!

 So i made 3 of Brandon's favorite trains out of sugar, and designed it to look like a scene from the popular cartoon series; with trees, bushes, flower, bridges and rivers and hills. it was time consuming, but i think totally worth the effort.

The bridge was made out of rice krispies and covered with fondant without dirty icing with ganache, cos i figured that will be the only way for it to hold up the weight of Thomas atop.  

Cake was red velvet with oreos filling.

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  1. this is some awesome stuff!!!
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    ur lubb