Pororo Cupcakes

Probably going to zzz after this post, cos i have been going at cakes for the last 96 hours and i am totally drained. This cupcake set up was done for a friend's little girl who adores Pororo. Her mom surprised her by turning up at school with cupcakes in hand without the birthday girl knowing. so sweet!

I learnt a priceless lesson from this set up and that is to never use mini cupcakes for any 3D figurines. The weight of any figurine is just too heavy for the mini cupcake to bear making it unstable. My delivery boy (husband) was en route to delivering the cupcakes and the cupcakes started falling on each other like dominos, and it scared the living lights out of him. He had to single handedly repair 80% of the cupcakes by him self, and i can only imagine the stress of it all. poor guy. that said, cupcakes still made it to birthday girl in one piece save for a few dents here and there. : (

Apologies to Leanne for a not so perfect set up! 

Cupcakes were red velvet with vanilla filling. 

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