Totoro Cake

So today another Totoro themed cake was sent out. With experience from the previous Totoro cake,i was better equipped at making totoros. : )

Cake order-er requested for 3 totoros and dust balls instead of acorns. Which got me thinking on how i should combine the 2 together, cos dust balls normally appear in the dark (they're not scary, but on the contrary, their duper cute little balls of "soot" according to the book, yes, we have the book AND the DVD, thanks to my sissy!), but i wanted the cake to be cheery and happy. 

So with the consent of cake order-er, i went ahead with a cheery petals in the wind design, with a whole bunch of dust bunnies "cascading" down the side of the cake. : )

Cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate filling. 


  1. much is this cake cost ??
    i looking for a totoro cake too...

  2. HI Hannahbanana,
    Thank you for your query. Please email me directly at


  3. Its very nice but I need to point out a discrepancy. The leaf should either be on his head like a hat, or he should be holding an umbrella. Never in the movie does he have a leaf on a long black stick.