Soccer Cake

One last post to mark the start of the weekend! This was a referral from my brother in law! Hi M, if you're reading this! : ) Was introduced to S, who was looking for a soccer themed cake for her bf, and she requested for a soccer ball and a soccer jersey with a special message for him. 

After this cake, i will never look at a soccer ball the same way again. At first i thought that a soccer ball is just a ball, but when i got down to making the patterns on it, did i realize that its actually made up of hexagons (the white) and pentagons (the blacks). Thanks to the husband who pointed that out to me (that's the difference between men and women, they break down technical parts of an object with just a snap). And i am pretty sure that whoever "designed" the soccer ball is a MAN. cos according to wikihusband, there is a MATHEMATICAL formula on the dimensions of the damn shapes. DUH, only dudes are so free. Pffftttt....

And i am also pretty sure that any sharp reader would notice a difference in the cake pictures, this i can be sure is a women thing ; ) I actually made the jersey number as 25 at first, but just 15 minutes to delivering the cake, i was going through my emails, i realize that S actually wanted numeral 15 on the jersey!!!! So with a stroke of luck, i managed to rectify that before it was sent off (pun not intended).

Cake was a banana cake with chocolate filling. 


enjoy the weekend! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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