Nike running shoe cake

My first ever sculpted shoe cake. this was requested by the fiance of my lubb. it was a good friend's last day on the job as she moves to greener pastures, and he wanted to send her a parting gift. not sure the reason why a running shoe, maybe run to a better future? anyways, cake recipient was the one who got the boxer shorts and d*ck cake for her friend. 

This cake was challenging in terms of carving the cake to its correct shape. again, lesson learnt, carve the cake slightly smaller cos ganache and fondant will add mass in places you don't want!

The other thing which i spent a mighty long time on was the laces. seems straightforward, but i actually had difficulty picturing how laces are threaded, and had to get the husband to help me with it. ha ha. 

So a crumpled ball of paper was added on the side as well. i had a bit of difficulty with this one too, cos paper is harder in texture than fondant, and when i crumpled the fondant, it didn;t have the sharp edges that a crumpled paper would give. i think it ended up looking more like crumpled used tissue. haha.

So in addition to the paper, i was requested to stuff a dirty sock some where. always a favorite of mine. : )

Cake was red velvet with vanilla filling. 

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