Doraemon Cupcake

Is it me or is it really just a coincidence that my last 2 cakes are both Doraemon themed? Anyways, this time it was a doraemon cupcake set up, from a sweet young boy to his sweet heart. This boy really spent a lot of time thinking about the perfect birthday cake to present to his gf, and i do hope that the birthday girl will like what she sees. : )

Please excuse the blurry shots, the weather has been too grey and dreary to get anything proper of late. anyways, said sweet bf requested for 8 doraemon figures with 8 different expressions. job was made easier when he sent me a link containing about 20 different expressions. thanks T! : )

And the remaining four cupcakes were nobita, his gf and dorayakis!

I decorated the cake board with sakura flowers, cos it is spring time in Japan now, though the beauty of the cherry blossoms is marred by the recent earthquake and tsunami. YOU WILL PREVAIL JAPAN! and we are looking forward to visiting you again someday! 

 Cupcakes were chocolate with chocolate ganache.



  1. Yes, Go Japan!
    Thanks Veron! Jonette loved the doraemons so much that it took her the next day to eat it! We simply took photos and admired your artwork! (we did nibble on the dorayakis).

    She liked the chocolate cupcake very much too!

    Thank you again for being so patient with my requests and crazy ideas! Wish you all the best!
    So looking forward to ordering from you again!

    Many thanks,

  2. hi T!

    you are very much welcomed! i had a lot of fun making doraemon(s) and your link really helped me out! most imptly, J liked the cupcakes and that she had a birthday to rem.

    thanks again T, for your order!

    take care!