2 tier Damask Cake with Rose

Pardon the radio silence, been busy these days, mostly with cakes, but at least i managed to hang out with some old gfs whom i haven't met in a long while over the weekend. It was fun, all the girly banter, and zero cake talk. : )

So anyways, over the weekend i sent 2 cakes out to Sentosa. But both with very different themes and design. The first one i sent out was a Damask Stenciled cake for a sweet old school mate of mine. Have been dying to try out damask patterns, ever since i came across them whilst poring through the net, but realized that i couldn't find the stencil in singapore! So after much consideration, i decided, what the heck, just get the damn stencil off the net, and had one shipped in from the states.

So this was really my first go at stenciling a cake. I tested it out first on parchment paper, and it was a good thing that i did, cos my royal icing was way too thick. but all in all, i say its not that bad for a first try! 

Cake was red velvet for both tiers. Top tier filled with lemon buttercream, bottom tier filled with vanilla.

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