McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Cake

This was one of those which i had an absolute ball making. M, who previously ordered these fashion cupcakes, wanted to surprise her brother with a McNuggets Cake. Apparently, they had a "eat 40pieces of nuggets in 30minutes challenge"and M's brother won that tittle. Hmmm..... i think i might be able to beat him to it. hahah ; )

 Not too sure about other parts of the world, but here in Singapore the McNuggets only comes in 6,12 or 20. And M's only request to me was to make the box a 40 piece one. 

I tried to make the nuggets out of pure fondant at first, but it didn't give the right texture i was looking for. So, in comes the all mighty rice krispie treats, this time, dirty icing was not needed, instead i just wrapped it bare with fondant. and i tried bringing some life to it by using my ultra thin brush and lightly painting some of the uneven parts of the "nugget".

For the box, i covered it in fondant first, and stuck on previously dried gumpaste so it looked more box-y. credits given and kudos to the husband for "designing" the "40pc chicken McNuggets" labels" and "receipt" : ) swell looking job.
And of course, the all important suspended nugget dipped in curry sauce! ; D

 Cake was red velvet with vanilla frosting. 

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  1. Do you have a recipe with instructions for this? This is amazing!!