Fencing Cupcakes

I know i have previously described some weeks as hectically crazy, but this week seems to top all the others. Seems like the whole world is celebrating their birthdays this weekend.

So this cupcake set up was for a boy who's very hot mom previously got a shopping theme cake for her domestic helper (there are super employers too!). Said birthday boy is very into fencing, therefore the idea behind this setup. This is only Part 1 of his birthday celebration, watch for part 2.

Pardon the lousy shots, was in a rush to finish all 50 of the cupcakes, and could only manage a few blurry pictures before it had to be delivered.  

Original plan was to make different 3D toppers for each cupcake, ie; mask, sword, glove etc. but i figured that for the sake of the other kids who may not know what fencing is, seeing a what seems like a decapitated head or hand just wouldn't make sense. Therefore, initial idea was scrapped, and i forged ahead and made 50 little people in different fencing stance.

cupcakes were all chocolate with chocolate ganache.

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