Boob Cake

WARNING: Risque Cake photos inside! So the other day i got an email from S, asking if could make her lady friend a sexy and cheeky cake for her. Even though i was a bit tied up this week with orders, i told her she got me at sexy and cheeky. ; ) 

When we spoke, i made very sure that what she was looking for was a pair of NAKED, COMMANDO, mammary glands. and she was also very sure that she wanted a pair of naked boobs. Well.... naked she got....

In all, it was a fun cake to make. but i did spend a long time ganache-ing and trying to get the shape of the boobies right, and the shape of those killer abs.

 Wish it was this easy to get those abs in real life... : ( just add ganache, and a swipe of brown luster dust.

Cake was a banana cake with chocolate filling.


  1. hahaha. banana & choco filling no less. how more cheeky can it get?

  2. HI Amela,
    You may email for queries