Pirate Face Cupcakes

My other favorite cake "order-er" ( the mommy of the recipient of the doraemon cupcakes and ferris wheel cake) got me to make a set of 20 minis for a lil boy turning 5. Best part? I was given 100% free reign of the entire theme and design! I was itching to try out the really cute pirate faces cupcakes that i came across in my "to-go-to" fondant cake book by Planet Cake, so there you go! My first pirate faces a la moi style! 

Cupcakes were a mix of vanilla and choc.

The original version was a "clean" cutesy pirate, but, i like me pirates, rugged and butch, so there, the after 5 shadow and twirly moustache were added. My kids were very tickled by them, ha ha... ; P

here are a few of my favorites!


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