Poker Cake

Pardon the haitus. Kids are on school hols now which means i have to be on my toes 24/7 to break up any fight, and be armed with a million and one things to occupy the kids with. On top of that, this month seems to be the busiest cake month. But that's a good thing i guess. Anyways, Tuesday evening an ex classmate came by to pick up a poker themed cake for her popz!

The best bit about this cake? We got ourselves an edible printing system, complete with edible ink and sheets! And we pounced at the chance of using it for the poker cards on this cake! 

Truth be told, the edible prints are not cheap. At all. EACH edible sheet of paper cost SGD4.50, and each ink cartridge is a whopping $70. Not only that, the edible sheets are incredibly brittle, i'm gonna have to use it a few more times to get a better hang of it. 

Anyhoos, this cake was an orange cranberry cake with lemon filling. 


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