Golf Green Cake

What are the odds of having TWO golf themed cakes on the same day. Plus on a weekend of the Barclays Open? So yesterday i also gave away another golf themed cake. My "regular" cake order-er wanted a golf cake for her golf fanatic friend. Initially we thought of doing a golf bag cake, but the idea was scraped since we decided that for a golf bag cake to look nice, it has to be pretty sizeable, and there won't be that many people to eat up all 50 portions of the cake. So S, my favorite cake order-er came up with the idea of doing a figurine of a lady golfer looking frantic/shocked/blur on a golf green, with her golf bag beside her and golf balls strewn all over. Plus, on the front of the tee has to have the words "FCUK GOLF". Ha. Now you know why S is my favorite order-er? She comes up with the most brilliant ideas : )  And it was the husband that came up with the idea of how to shape the golf green.

Ps: did you count the number of times i wrote "golf" in this short paragraph? My brains a tad wonky today, due to the lack of sleep : /

My favorite part of the lady golfer was her lips. The loud red lipstick on thick lips set in that expression just makes her too cute (read: ugly but adorable kinda cute). And the sugar golf bag was meant to resemble the actual one that the birthday gal has. I hope she was able to recognise it : ) 

Cake was choc fudge cake with choc ganache, oh and "sand" was made of royal icing instead of crushed digestive biscuits, since i figured that the crumbs would probably not stay  put but get all over cake instead.

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