Basketball Cake, Blackforest Cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Spongebob cupcakes, Teddy Bear Cake

The last week was a hectic one, with me churning out 7 cakes in a week. I am bushed. But happy bushed. Working with pressure has definitely forced me to be more efficient and to always think one step ahead. A nice lady who was looking to celebrate FIVE birthdays with the extended family got me to come up with the cakes for her. It was a mix of fondant and non fondant cakes. Oh, and pardon the lousy shots, for we are still figuring out our new toy; the husb just got us a swanky new DSLR! WHEEEEEEEEEE! 

SO!!!! Cake number 1 was a basketball cake. It was a chocolate fudge cake with choc ganache.

Cake number 2 was a set of 12 spongebob cupcakes for a young lady. Now i know the characters names and their anatomy by heart, even though i have never watched a single episode of spongebob before.



SB's fav food; Krabby patty


And of course, Spongebob Roundpants
Cake 3 was a simple 2 tiered cake with a teddy topper. Inside was a vanilla cake with oreos filling.

Cake 4 was a chocolate mousse cake.

Cake 5 was a black forest cake. I hope her guests didn't get drunk, cos i only realized that i was a weeeeee bit too generous with the brandy when i was soaking the cherries! 


  1. Hi, may i check w you how much is the basketball cake?

  2. Hi Meow,
    You may email me directly at for queries.