Nightmare Before Christmas 2 tier Cake

Phew.... I USED to think that i will never work well under pressure, in fact i thought i would BUCKLE under pressure. Whenever i work on anything, i like to take my own time and enjoy the process. But this cake showed me that i CAN survive under pressure (though not necessarily without screaming out expletives in the process). Friday night whilst i was out celebrating my lubb's birthday with my gfs, i got a text from a client who has previously ordered the basketball cake and iPhone cake. Client requested a cake for her sissy who happens to be a Tim Burton movie buff, and sent me a picture of a Nightmare Before Christmas cake she came across over the net. With a deadline looming in just 3 days, i got straight to work on sunday and have been at it right up till this morning! 

All in all, i had helluva fun makin this cake; bones, pumpkin, cat, Sally Stitches and all. Cake was chocolate pound cake with oreos and cream filling and chocolate buttercream for 8" and 6" tiers respectively.

PS: any other fondant cake makers out there have any idea what to do with cake scraps? its a huge waste to just toss out perfectly good cake, and i think the kids and husband are pretty tired of eating them plain like that.



  1. Beautiful cake. I've been asked to make a Nightmare Before Christmas cake and I'm trying to get some ideas. BTW, I make cake balls with my scraps. Crumble up your leftovers into fine crumbs, then add just enough frosting so that the crumbs hold together in a ball. Then I dip them in melted chocolate. They're really good, and no waste.

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  3. ZOMG! Pls pardon my "arrogance"! i didn't realize that there are actually pple who READ my blog, let alone LEAVE COMMENTS! so nice to know that pple actually pop by!

    @silverstairs: thanks for tips on making cake balls, or so i think they are called. i did try cake balls recently, but i found them to be a tad too sweet. maybe bcos i added melted white choc. will try makin them with frosting (i use iMBC) instead. : )

    @ april bishop: awww.... so glad to hear i "helped" someone. but i am really very amatuer. i just have a drive for fondant cakes that's all. : )

    happy 2011 btw!