Car Cake with Driver and Cupcakes

No, I'm not preggers.... I just like the ring to it. Hur. And also cos I just completed an order for a baby's first month for an old school mate. I love love love doin kiddee cakes! Its where I can let my imagination run totally amok, pair the weirdest of colors together only to realize that, hey! They make a pretty good combination! : ) 

So the link between a toyota yaris and a baby's first month celebration is cos the baby in question simply couldn't wait to pop out of her mommy's tummy, and literally greeted her parents in the car whilst en route to the hospital! One of those amazing birth stories which I can so imagine her mommy retelling to her future husband in detail when she grows up ; P

This cake marked my first every sculpted car cake. And it was a truly enlightening experience, I would say a few times i was so exasperated I had the strongest urge to give up. I'm not 100% happy with it, and I know with the next car cake, it would be way better. : )

Hair on figurines was made using my new clay gun which the darlin husband lavished on me. He's a real honey pot aint he?

Cake flavor was lemon cake with lemon filling and dark choc ganache as frosting.

On top of the car cake, client also ordered a bunch of cupcakes as party favors to her guests. I did 3 designs for her.

PS: "Santa" came early for me this year, cos............ I'VE GOT AN AIRBRUSH!!!!!!!!! Whooppppeeeeeee!!!!!! Thanks husb! You're the best! : )))))))))

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